Our Workplace Health Solutions include:

Provide and manage qualified on-site clinic staff Comply with all legislative and administrative requirements and standards,
including industry specific compliance;
Ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of service through regular audits
Sickness absence management through monitoring of sick notes and return
to work assessments
Provide an Occupational Health Medical Practitioner
Referral and coordinating of appointments with other service providers
Improve access to quality health care
Identification and assessment of health risks in the workplace in order to eliminate,
control and minimise the risks
Implement a medical surveillance plan according to the health risk assessment,
• Pre- employment medicals.
  (Screening employees for fitness to work according to OREP)
• Periodic medicals
• Exit / Transfer medicals
• Biological monitoring
 Conduct quality:
• Audio testing
• Spirometry testing
• Vision screening (Keystone)
Risk Assessments
Assisting employers to develop a culture that supports health and safety in the workplace
Providing advice on safety and hygiene standards, ergonomics and on individual and
collective protective equipment.
Advisor to the workplace Health and Safety committee
Provide first aid and emergency care to workers on site
Coordinate first aid training
Provide refreshing training to first aiders
Reporting injuries timeously to management
Management of injuries on duty
Administration of all COID claims
Assisting the employee to return to work as soon as possible after an injury on duty,
through ongoing monitoring and rehabilitation.
Integrated participation on the wellness committee to develop and implement the wellness program
Develop programmes for the protection and promotion of employees’ health e.g. Cancer screenings, health days, HIV testing and counselling

Wellness Activities
Employee Psycho-Social Program (EPP)
Our affiliate offers a comprehensive counselling service. A 24/7/365 Call Centre with a network of trained counsellors and psychologists, and onsite services.

GAP Analysis
Risk assessments
Site Inspections
System development and implementation – ISO
Internal audits
Systems maintenance and continual improvement:
System / process training
Continual improvement
Support before and during certification process
Curani Occupational Health
Primary Medical Care Service
Retain a dispensing license to compound and dispense medication.Render primary medical care to workers and contractor.Preventative health care through wellness screenings
Maintain accurate and comprehensive patient records.Ordering and control of medicine as per legislation (Drug registers)
Monitor chronic diseases

ISO system Audits, Training and Consultancy Services
Data Base Program
Provide a comprehensive data base program to collect and analyse individual information.
Analyse data and trends to identify possible interventions to continuously improve the Health and Wellness of the organisation.

Submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the client as per their needs

Management of Health Care Facility